ZAIGF 2016Meet the Speakers

Pierre Dandjinou

Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement

Pierre Dandjinou is ICANN's Vice President of Stakeholder Engagement for the Africa region, and has held the position since December 2012. He coordinates outreach, support and engagement with all stakeholders, including governments, civil society and private sector in the Africa region.

He has also held roles as Director at INFOCOM Intelligence, Chairman at AfriNIC, E-Governance Advisor at the United Nations Development Program, and the President of the ISOC Benin Chapter. In November 2012, he was appointed as ICANN's Vice Presidents for Stakeholder Engagement for Africa, a position that reports to Sally Costerton and is part of CEO Fadi Chehadé's goal to expand ICANN outreach and involvement to the developing world and improve the international makeup of the organization.

Pierre is involved with many IT related initiatives on the continent, and is a member of various Advisory Committees including AfriNIC, the At-Large Advisory Committee at ICANN, and the Global Internet Policy Initiative. Pierre’s current specific areas of interest are e-strategies, e-governance and e-Parliaments as means for fostering use of ICTs for human development in Africa.

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